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C’est aujourd’hui … 30 ans..

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La YMAA Internationale fête ses 30 ans. Texte du Dr Yang…

« I am happy to say that today marks YMAA’s 30th anniversary. From teaching 5-6 students in front of my garage at home, to making my first visit to Poland in 1986, to seeing YMAA International grow country by country, to founding YMAA Publication Center, and to publishing many books, videos, and articles, it has been a very eventful 30 years. Today, we are an international organization with over 50 schools in 18 countries, and we are recognized by people all over the world. »I would like to thank the many YMAA teachers, students, and supporters for all their encouragement, dedication, and contributions throughout the many years. So many of them volunteered their time and efforts to make YMAA what it is today. I will never forget them deep in my heart. I remember when we first moved to the Jamaica Plain location in Boston in 1984, two of my students volunteered for several months to help fix up the old building, which was in need of major repairs. In my travels, I have met so many friends, so many good people, and I dearly miss many of them today. « I hope to see more and more teachers and students of all styles and backgrounds join us in the open exchange of knowledge, friendship, and training. I believe that together, we will be able to successfully propagate the healthy lifestyles and teachings of Qigong, and the hard-working culture and discipline of traditional martial arts. I look forward to seeing everybody at YMAA events around the world next year.

Happy anniversary, YMAA.
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
Founder of YMAA« 

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