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Anniversaire 30 ans de YMAA internationale (suite)…

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Happy 30th Anniversary, YMAA!!!

« I never cease to be amazed at the extraordinary family that YMAA has become. Even my father never imagined that YMAA would grow into the global organization that it is today, and this year we proudly celebrate our 30th anniversary.

« It has been an incredible journey all the way, through many hardships and struggles, laughter and joy, and literally, blood, sweat and tears. YMAA has become an integral part of our lives, and it makes such a great impact on so many others. We constantly strive to train hard, always have and always will. We constantly encourage sharing openly and supporting each other, because that is the only way to preserve and better the art. We teach martial morality and humility, because that is how we better ourselves and better the world. And, we always have fun and good times, because we love to surround ourselves with good company, and we love to enjoy life.

« Three decades have passed since my father planted this seed, and it has blossomed into our international family today. I am looking forward to many more years in the future, to be inspired, to inspire others, to create, to fulfill dreams, and to foster an environment for maintaining a strong hope for an optimistic tomorrow. »

Nicholas Yang
President of YMAA International

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